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What is this about?

The principles at Job Hustler know what it is like when you find yourself without a job. Whether it was due to a lay-off, hostile take-over, political nonsense that you got stuck in the middle of, or you are just starting out looking for a job after, say, graduating from a technical school or college.

We have all been there! With the hours of digging through job postings on multiple sites (having to remember user names and passwords for each), it can be a frustrating and time consuming task. Each job posting site has their own set of procedures to upload resumes, search for job listings based on different parameters and applying for the positions that seem to be a good fit. Well, we here at Job Hustler decided it was time for a change. Rather than having to surf to all these different sites to find the job postings that might be suitable for you, the principles at Job Hustler have created a way to combine all of the job listings from hundreds of sites into one place, providing you, the job seeker, with one easy and convenient portal to view all the job posting in one place, with one interface and one login. Our site will prove to be the most comprehensive search engine for job seekers in a single search solution. We are simply surprised that no one has ever thought of this before!


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How does it work?

The JobHustler’s hustle engine takes the task of going through our provided job listing sites and collecting the data into a single, easy to use interface. Every day our JobHustler hustle engine is taking the task of updating new listing information. The JobHustler makes it easy to find that perfect job / fast money maker that you are looking for.

Once you have found a perfect job or quick money maker, you have our simple easy to use website. With our web site you have the ability to send custom email messages to selected jobs or a pre-typed email message called a ‘Quick Blast’. Watch and see how fast you apply to jobs or inquire about free lance work, spend more time working and less time trying to get the work. The JobHustler is 100% completely free to use so what are you waiting for? Sign Up

We have many job listing sources we are working on, and we currently get our job listing data from Craigslist. If you have any job listing sites that you would like to see hustled by the JobHustler engine simply contact us and we will take a look to see if we can hustle it for you.


Power of the hustler

According to Wikipedia,

"An employment website is a web site dealing specifically with employment or careers. Many employment websites are designed to allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled and are commonly known as job boards. Other employment sites offer career and job-search advice or describe different job descriptions or employers. Through a job website a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes over the Internet for the advertised position.

There are reputed to be more than 40,000 employment sites in existence the largest of which are represented by The International Association of Employment Web Sites, a trade association for the global online employment services industry."

40,000 websites with job listings! Imagine trying to hit even one-tenth of those to find the job that is right for you!

For years now, job seekers have been relying on individual sites to find their perfect job. Here are some statistics:

As of June 18, 2008, according to Google these are the top 30 searched terms for jobs over the last 12 months:

According to Quintessential Careers, here are the top 10 site for job seekers as of June 30th, 2008.

BUT, here’s the problem with these sites. You must visit each site individually and browse their job postings, using their interface and distinct tools. It is so time consuming that it is almost overwhelming to try and stay on top of all of the opportunities that are posted each day. Other than 2 or 3 of these sites, employers must go to these sites and create a job description specific to that site and pay out a fee to each.

Hence, the emergence of what is coined as the ‘vertical job search engines’ in late 2006. Although still an almost uncharted territory, the theory of these job aggregators or job meta-search sites is simple. With the power of current technology, programmers are able to go to a number of independent job boards similar to the list above and ‘pool’ all of the listings into one site with one user interface. The result of these successfully designed job aggregator sites is an amalgamation of all of the job postings throughout the Internet, in one spot. It has rarely been done successfully and Job Hustler is one of those successful sites! Inevitably there will be more on the horizon as other programmers ‘catch on’, but Job Hustler is one of the frontier sites to successfully harness this powerful programming technology and will continually be on the cutting edge to bring you the most sophisticated solutions available in job meta-search sites.

Watch it in action

Watch this great video of us doing a demo of the JobHustler web site. You will see how fast and easy it is to hustle your next job or money maker!

What people say

"This site was such a great find. I hated having to remember all those URLs and user names and passwords. Every time there was a change to my resume, I had to surf to all these different sites to update each one individually. Job Hustler eliminates this nonsense, providing me with all the jobs from all the site in one easy to navigate user interface "

Happy Job Seeker


You can forget visiting all those other job listing sites, and the hassle of spending hours and hours of applying to jobs. The JobHustler simplifies that hassle for looking for jobs or gigs and makes it easy to apply to them. Join now and experience the JobHustler as a job listing site SHOULD be.

We offer you a solid and easy to use platform for EVERYONE to use, Don't be stuck spending endless time searching and applying to jobs.

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